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Collaboration contests, what do you think? 

21 deviants said No I'm a fish :fish:
11 deviants said :bulletwhite: I want to join but i don't have a partner in crime yet (comment below and we'll pair you up with someone awesome) ;)
9 deviants said :bulletwhite: Hell yeah I'm in! I'm teaming up with (comment below) :bounce:
4 deviants said :bulletwhite: Maybe, I have some suggestions :w00t: :twocents:


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:bulletgreen: The community where Concept Artists and Illustrators show their work, meet new people and collaborate, teaching each other new skills :bulletgreen:

Let's get Creative, we want to see your concepts!
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9,682 Members
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Countdown to Contest Deadline - Gods of Planet 9

Saturday, March 5th @ 4:00pm

You have 4 Weeks to;
:bulletgreen: Find a partner in crime
:bulletgreen: Collaborate on a contest entry!

This is a Character AND Environment round, enjoy ;)

Let's get creative, we want to see your concepts!

Hello everyone and welcome to our first contest of the year!

Before we start, we’ve taken your feedback into consideration, and realised that a lot more community driven projects should be happening, to do this we need more admins. :pc:
If you would like to contribute your time as an admin, send us a note, tell us a bit about yourself, and what skills you can bring to the team.

This contest is new and comes with a twist; to enter you need a partner in crime to collaborate with.

So far the teams go as follows:

Delta :bulletgreen: :iconenergony: :iconlayvena: :bulletgreen:

Echo :bulletgreen: :iconrestrictedshadow: :iconlarry666: :bulletgreen:      

Victor:bulletgreen: :iconsofastrangler: :iconxwykydwytchx: :bulletgreen:

Indigo :bulletgreen: :iconsketchbookuniverse: :iconmozmarto: :bulletgreen:

Alpha :bulletgreen: :iconbimep: :iconsarty96: :bulletgreen:

November :bulletgreen: :iconvladgheneli: :iconjohnnyss: :bulletgreen:

Tango :bulletgreen: :iconaleph31: :iconanjuin: :bulletgreen:

Charlie :bulletgreen: :iconfabianrensch: :iconlazy-brush: :bulletgreen:

Whisky :bulletgreen: :iconteriopi: :iconasderuki: :bulletgreen:

Oscar :bulletgreen: :icongalaciabarton: :iconartofodd: :bulletgreen:

Romeo :bulletgreen: :iconedarneor: :iconmirchaz: :bulletgreen:

And so on..

Admins will team up with a member if we have an odd number;

Participating Admins so far: :party: :iconaleph31: :iconartofodd: :iconfabianrensch: :iconedarneor:

The theme for this round is: Gods of Planet 9, a mashup of ideas from the community, and our very own :iconaleph31: .
For more information about Planet 9 here are some reference links;………

Before you start, find yourself a partner within the community. If you don't have one in mind and want to meet new acquaintances, post your name in the comments and we will pair you with somebody awesome :w00t:
The contest entry has to be an environment with character(s) included in the piece, designed by two artists sharing the work.

:bulletwhite: Any suggestions for a future theme? Feel free to join us on Facebook as an alternative method of sharing your ideas, or post your comment below.

:bulletgreen: Collaborate – Character and Environment round Contest –"Gods of Planet 9" .

:bulletwhite: If you’re taking part in this contest round, just post your name below and whom you will be collaborating with, then read the details and get cracking!

:bulletwhite: You all have three weeks from now to find a Conceptee to join forces with, and finish your collaborative entry.

:bulletwhite: There is a timer on the front page which counts down, so you don't need to ask us about the time zones, just work it out from the timer.

The winner and the contenders will see their work featured in our next Concepteez's issue. Make sure your work is of a high standard (a4 size) and save wip shots to be qualified.

:bulletgreen: Collaboration contest 01

:bulletwhite: You can add facts of your own but you must have the basic requirements (Has to be a Character AND Environment-based piece).

:bulletwhite: Please add a small description in your entries stating that it is made for this competition

Also add:

   :bulletwhite: Add a link to wip file if you've managed to grab some screen shots of the process, similar to… and…

   :bulletwhite: You can also add our logo by pasting :iconConceptWorld (add another : to the end) into your description.

:bulletgreen: Rules

:bulletwhite: Your partner in crime has to be a :iconconceptworld: member

:bulletwhite: You can use any piece of software and the entry can be 2d or 3d concept.

:bulletwhite: Submit your entry to "Contests". You can only submit one entry so do make it count.

:bulletwhite: Make it relevant to the theme.

:bulletwhite: Follow the Group submission standards as well as the rules of the contest, Admins will accept entries from Beginner>Intermediate level, and Professional level, two separate tiers to keep it fair, you decide which folder to submit your work to.  

:bulletgreen: Judging
Admins will be judging your piece based on these contributing factors;

:bulletwhite: Does it fit the theme/ round?

:bulletwhite: Originality
:bulletwhite: Composition
:bulletwhite: Presentation

:bulletwhite: Entries will be sorted by admins, we'll pick the top 10 entries after which Concepteez members can vote for them in the poll

*The admin team has the right to disqualify any entry if it doesn't meet our requirements. Winning the poll will not guarantee you 1st place.
While we will still be using public polls so all Concepteez can have their say, Admins have the final word when choosing a Winner.

:bulletgreen: Prize

:bulletwhite: We have 2 x 3 month DA memberships.

:bulletwhite: 2 x 300 Points 2 x 150 Points to be distributed as we draw close to our 10,000 Conceptee milestone.

:bulletwhite: You will be featured on our main page (a 640x480px image) until the end of the next contest.

:bulletwhite: The winner will also be featured in our Featured folder, along with the rewards for taking part, it'll be a great learning curve and a chance to make new friends! ;)

:bulletwhite: You'll also be in the next Community Spotlight Feature.

:bulletwhite: You may be featured in Concepteez's next magazine issue.

:bulletwhite: Pass the torch: Starting now Contest Winners will be given code for a custom box to place on their DA Art page from us, stating which contest they won and the torch itself.
It serves as an icon that symbolizes hard work and achievement. So keep an eye out for it at the end of this round.
Furthermore, we'll be keeping a tally of the contest winners all year.
The artist with the highest score will become :iconconceptworld: Artist of the year, and will receive rewards to go with their achievement.

:bulletwhite:*Use this contest to improve your skills and share progression with your peers, make friends and get involved with the community. You never know when you might get hired. :bulletwhite:;)

"There is a clear link between how well an image did to the amount of time spent on it."

The theme for this competition is: Character and Environment Contest –"Gods of Planet 9" . and the DEADLINE is Sunday March 6th at midnight.

Pick a partner quick because we want to see your concepts!

Let's get creative

More Journal Entries

Concept World

:bulletgreen:Honorary Admins:bulletgreen:
These are the admins that have helped build this group to a standard which its now at. They are no longer serving on the current panel but will always be the foundational pillars of this group.


Welcome to Concept World, a group focused on displaying high quality concept artwork.

If you think your work has got what it takes, join our members and submit your art!

:bulletblue: We accept concept art (conceptual art is something else).

:bulletblue: Unfinished or sloppy work will not likely be accepted.

:bulletblue: Please only submit original concept paintings and drawings. Photo manipulations (skillful matte-painting is ok), photography and fan-art will be declined.

:bulletblue: We dislike big copyright symbols and watermarks obscuring your artwork. View-ability comes first here.

:bulletblue: Please submit your work to the right folder

:bulletblue: If you're not sure of our quality requirements, have a look at our gallery folders for the kind of concepts we accept.


:bulletgreen: Want to be an admin? Send us a note!
ArtofOdd or aleph31, will approve your request after a review of your abilities and duties. :pc:

:bulletgreen: Members will be automatically approved entry to this group, let's get creative, we want to see your concepts! ;)





The Critic


Seasonal Mods



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Many thanks for the Request!
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Thanks for join !
ArtofOdd Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
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PhineasJamesVinci Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016  Student Writer
Hi there! PhineasJamesVinci at your service!

I was wondering, if I did join the group, if you guys would accept literature in your group. I know that the group is organized by what exactly the original creation is, like a vehicle or maybe a character. But I don't see anything that show that people might want literature OC's or worlds in the group. So I am a little afraid of joining because of that.

So if I did join the group, would you guys accept literature? And even there, where would I submit it to? Thank you for taking the time to read this! :)
ArtofOdd Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Hi there Phineas, unfortunately we do not accept literature, but I hope you find a group that will suit your talents, hope this helps mate ;)
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