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Promote all your original concept art here. We accept almost all genres.
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9,060 Members
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Ever started a concept/ drawing with full faith that you'll finish it? You ran through the concept for the first few steps and then it hits you- an obstacle. You let it rest for a while to see if you can see it from a different vantage point but no matter what you do it is right there and stares right in your face. That so called plateau becomes a stagnant platform, you can't see things after it and the fear of the unknown keeps you glued to your position, yet you know that there is much more you can offer and expect from the world at large.

Concept by Milkduster

Being stuck is not unique, but how we respond to each situation as an individual is quite unique. You may choose to handle the problem head on and leave no stone unturned to find a way around it or you may seek above you (from a better artist) for guidance, or you may even roll up into a snowball and spend time by yourself in quite contemplation trying to sort the matter out.

Monster Trainer #1 by Studiomouette

One of the aim of this group is to empower and educate more leaders of tomorrow so we can all be better equipped to take our vision and ideas to the world without hesitating. We do that by throwing ourself in the deep end, having the knowledge that we have enough support around us to guide and protect us. One of the issues that we discussed at the last ConceptWorld meeting surrounded the need for artists to recognise the two different paths that come together to make an all rounded artist.

The surface by Chris-Karbach

Skills and talents are something we've harnessed over the years, you just have to look at the quality of the work in our folders to see how gifted/ skilled/ talented most of the artist are. Yet, we also know that not all of them have the confidence to go out there and sell there artwork for the highest rate possible. We recognised a need for us to focus on two sides of the coin, one side has the skill/ talent and other has the leadership/ entrepreneurship engrained onto it. Since we have no shortage of skills in this group we are starting to shift our attention to leadership side. Giving artists the tools and a safe environment to build and craft their leadership skills.

Wind City by Min-Nguen

We are doing this by asking you to take part (regardless of your experience/ knowledge) as a martial for a field that you can make a difference in:

Voter Master:  (2 positions)

As part of this role you'd be helping various artist progress their way to the top of their own ladder. If you have a keen eye for detail and a humble heart for helping others this role is for you.

Benefits for you:
- The ability to communicate with people from different walks of life
- Make a real difference in someone's life, specially if they're just starting out
- You'll have a keen sense for whats good and whats not in the art arena

Your role:
- Sorting through a selection of images that come through to us everyday
- Guiding artists on the appropriate next step to take
- Featuring artists that really make the mark

Ready to take part?
- Get in touch with our Voter Master :icongourger.: and let him know why you'll be interested

Mooncrest- Marketing Artwork by acapulc0

Contest co-host (1 position)

As a Contest co-host you'll be working alongside :iconartofodd: who's been running successful contests for over 1 year and have a track record of commitment and excellence. If challenges/ contests/ working with champions excite you, this role is for you.

Benefits for you:
- Organisation skills
- Communications skills
- You'll become excellent at event managing

Your role:
-Guiding participants through every stage of the contest
-Supporting the newcomers and pushing the advanced participants
-Sorting images into folders and keeping things organised
-Promoting the contest

Ready to take part?
- Get in touch with our Contest Chair :iconartofodd: and let her know why you have what it takes to work with her?

Admitted the Friday Feature is all about the artist and their work, this time however we decided to add a leadership spin to help us find the right talent that can help guide this ship in the right direction and help all the members in the long run.

Apply soon,
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Concept World

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These are the admins that have helped build this group to a standard which its now at. They are no longer serving on the current panel but will always be the foundational pillars of this group.


Welcome to Concept World, a group focused on displaying high quality concept artwork.

If you think your work has got what it takes, join our members and submit your art!

:bulletblue: We accept concept art (conceptual art is something else).

:bulletblue: Unfinished or sloppy work will not likely be accepted.

:bulletblue: Please only submit original concept paintings and drawings. Photo manipulations (skillful matte-painting is ok), photography and fan-art will be declined.

:bulletblue: We dislike big copyright symbols and watermarks obscuring your artwork. View-ability comes first here.

:bulletblue: Please submit your work to the right folder

:bulletblue: If you're not sure of our quality requirements, have a look at our gallery folders for the kind of concepts we accept.


:bulletred: Members will be automatically approved entry to this group, what you waiting for?

:bulletred: Want to help by being a Gallery Moderator? Note GDSWorld, he can manually approve your request after a review of your abilities and duties. :deviation:



Contest Chair


Voter Master


Seasonal Mod



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Nassima-Amir Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! Since I saw you gave pretty complete critics here, I wanted to ask you to review my picture you declined... Just like everyone else here, I think it could help me a lot improving my works... Thank you Meow :3 
Quentinvcastel Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional General Artist
Hello, I would like to know why my work (…) was declined. I saw you gave reviews to people who asked and it would be very helpful for me to get your feedback. Thank you :)
gourger Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hi Quentin, nice artwork here, I like the mood and the creepy atmosphere you can breath from it, It's gloomy but not so dark. Yo also use a nice trick to drag the attention to one point of the frame, using that high light point coming from the stomach of the giant embryo (guess that what is it that monster).
But there are some element that kinda put little down the quality of the whole concept breaking the focus.  Let's see together what those aspect are, trying to analyze them in a way to improve them.
1) One of the main things you need to keep in mind when you work on a illustration it's the composition (comp). The comp it's extremely important and it helps a lot when you need to drag the eyesight in one precise point of the screen. There are a lot of technique to do this (once is the one you use, using dark and light contrast), but you need to consider the comp as the base of your whole draw, so is something that define what gonna work and what not in your artwork. If something it looks wrong here, well there will be nothing you can add to fix it, everything it'll simply be wipe out like a dirt from a dog's spinning. So The point is always...How can I work it out to keep my eye in one point, using all the element I've to do it. So you need to think you're like a
scenographer, every single element, from the littlest one to the main, it need to serve this purpose. Even your "actors" in the scene need to works in this way.
Now you did a nice job to use those "medics" as dragging element on your scene, but one of the main problem of the artwork is that it's without of prospective. The scene is really flat and all the depth is gone. Prospective it's really important and it's one of the things that most of the time make an artwork works in a proper way.  It's a really strong comp element and you always need to use as a base building brick of your work. Here there are some really nice Tut, I suggest to watch, to improve this aspect of your artwork. I saw from you gallery that you tend to draw your concept fro ma really frontal position keeping a super short depth of field. Try to go crazy with perspective. Do a lot of sketch, doodles where you explore the same scene in different angle and or camera lens. The following tut are relly technical, but they're really helpful to make you understand how much persp can break the whole of the paper. the Feng Zhu, it's one of the best for me.………

2) Another little aspect that I would like to take care more it's about design. This is another important point and most of the time it's a really undervalue feature.
When you draw you need to think the audience as a really dummy but High skilled refer, I know that it's sounds like a clash, but that is how works : As dummy you need to drive them in your world without they notice it. But because they're really use to watch "reality" (but it's more correct say "fiction-reality") they're also really hard to cheat. All this high level of media bombing it train us, without noticing it, to understand what what it works in terms of storytelling and design and what not. Every aspect of your draw need to be well studied to give the impression that can exist some how, even if is the most craziest things in the universe...the point is...How do it ? The answer is simple, using reference. Using ref from other artist as inspiration, and look and research photo, document and whatever else you can implement in your work to make it believable. You need to do a loooot of research before dig in a concept. Look for photo, look inside specific book about the element you want develop, use Pinterest ore even Deviant.  But seeking for ref is the most important part for start to create great concept and illustration. I see this  guy it's in a lab, sort of just start looking for stuff related to your artwork. I'm not saying to copy them but study them and try to understand what it make look nice and try to implement that in you artwork. Look how many I found just googling "Lab concept art"………
3) My last part it's about rendering. I see that you're kinda try to achieve a semi photo realistic result. Now that it's a really hard things and if you don't take some measures it's really risk to screw things easy. One of the main things to aim on that level of detail is to use more than everything photo ref. So after you decide what kinda of light you want, you need to seeking for all the possible photo that match that light and work to make it works perfectly together. Like a proper patch work. After you did it, you need to match colors and use some filters to tune everything on the same hue. Now this is the tedious part, where you need to rendering. It's a really really slow phase, but it'll pay you back. Remember always use photo ref even when you're rendering. If you don't know how to render a material, or ow light works on a specific shader, well look for ref. And keep them constantly open on your screen or on a side. Always they need to stick in your mind like a nail. You can also apply texture on the top, but try always to integrate them really well. It's not enough overlay a level or something to make it works.
Look here those process I think you may find them useful.………
Ok that is all. Quite long one and hope I was helpful somehow. Have a nice one. Cheers !
Quentinvcastel Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional General Artist
Well, this is a great and so complete critic, thank you very much for the time you spent, links and advices :) It really helps me out and I'll just keep practicing, keeping what you said in mind. Cheers :)
gourger Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hey Quentin glad to know that ! Just go on dude, I'm sure you'll improve sky high, can't wait to see your next works :D
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