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How long do you spend drawing each week? 

85 deviants said 10-30 hours a week
67 deviants said Less than a few hours
57 deviants said 5-10 hours a week
43 deviants said 40+ hours a week
22 deviants said I draw till my eyes start to bleed
7 deviants said Other (Please comment)


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Promote all your original concept art here. We accept almost all genres.
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Until Aug 7, 2015

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Jan 20, 2010


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Art Creation

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8,475 Members
9,837 Watchers
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Image Credit vladgheneli

Hey All,

For those who haven't heard of Sketchathon, it is an online drawing event that we started as a group last year and successfully hosted 25+ sessions. Sketchathon is a monitored and narrated online event where you as an artist are encouraged to take part in contests and warm-up drawing rounds to improve your drawing skills.

We have a clever timer keeping things on track, voice over man to make things interesting and occasional guests who love talking about art.

You could be from any walk of your drawing career, just getting started or already an established artist, and you'll take something away from this event.

So in order to make these events a success we have a few roles to fulfil.

The host You must have a powerful PC/ Laptop with faster internet connection to take up this role.

Event reporter Taking notes during the event and bringing the highlights to the members that might have missed it.

Organiser Sorting images into folders, keeping things tidy to ensure everyone involved has a great session

Vice President of Tutorials A guest speaker who will share a trick or a technique for less than 15 minutes.

Guest Everyone is welcome to take part but signing up before hand will let us know who you are.

Greetors The role of a Greetor is to introduce a new face to the event and help them take part in their first contest and answer any questions.

If you would like to take up any of the roles, note myself or e-mail (preferred)

The next event will take place on the Monday 8th September 2014 at 10am - Noon (London BST). There will be a timer counting down to this event as well with a link to the event. Yes, we are having just a two hour session as some of the previous session used to last all the way up to 10 hours and it was not healthy for the host and the team in charge.

See you there,
Gagan Singh
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Concept World

Welcome to Concept World, a group focused on displaying high quality concept artwork.

If you think your work has got what it takes, join our members and submit your art!

:bulletblue: We accept concept art (conceptual art is something else).

:bulletblue: Unfinished or sloppy work will not likely be accepted.

:bulletblue: Please only submit original concept paintings and drawings. Photo manipulations (skillful matte-painting is ok), photography and fan-art will be declined.

:bulletblue: We dislike big copyright symbols and watermarks obscuring your artwork. View-ability comes first here.

:bulletblue: Please submit your work to the right folder

:bulletblue: If you're not sure of our quality requirements, have a look at our gallery folders for the kind of concepts we accept.


:bulletred: Members will be automatically approved entry to this group, what you waiting for?

:bulletred: Want to help by being a Gallery Moderator? Note Shimmering-Sword, he can manually approve your request after a review of your abilities and duties. :deviation:





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rhavendc Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
This group is amazing!
Eladie Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015
I submitted a deviation (this one… ) twice and it expired both times. Is the group dead?
gourger Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hi Eladie....well I hope is not ! I'm still alive at least. :)
So I see the add and I would like to give you a couple of feedback, before you submit it again. You see when you draw props, you need to treat them exactly like they are a character. You need to give them a kind of personality like a protagonist of a movie, in a way that it's possible to understand in a glimpse not only shape, but also a vibe.
There are many way to do it, but the simplest is by start doing thousand of thumbnails till you don't have a interesting shape. From that you can start to proceed with line art and rendering.
Now here we come in a really hard point. The problem with your work it's that, even if is quite nice and I can see the effort you put to get an interesting decorative design, it's lacking of personality. It's quite anonymous. I see from the title you try to create something relative to the Dijin world, so maybe it would be smart do some research about Arabic culture and try to implement some of those design element into your work. Look at those knives and sword from Arabian, they have a specific shape and form :………
When you create something from your fantasy, you need to use real element to make it looks like it could be exist. So use the reality to create a fantasy ( OMG it sounds like a jingle)
Look how much shape influence the vibe of this concept, how it give movement and personality to those props………
Another things it's about rendering and lighting. I'm sorry to say that but you need to study more those 2 aspect, if you wanna create something impressive.
It's not just about how good you are in doing detail, it's about make it look like it's real. For that i suggest to start study photography and take some time to do still life and life drawing class.
Look at those reference to understand how important lighting is, especially for props design…………
You don't need to create something super realistic, but give at least the sensation and the feeling of the material.………
So that it's all, I hope it was helpful somehow. Cheers.
Eladie Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015
Thank you for you feedback. It was detailed and informative.
gourger Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Glad to be useful :D
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